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Industry Investment: High stakes

Industry Investment: High stakes

Wednesday 4 March, 14:00 - 15:15

Chair: Jessica Koravos, Oak View Group International (UK)

The live sector has boomed for over a decade as demand for the experience economy continues to grow; its assent watched closely by the financial community. Years of growth in a sector previously considered too high risk is making festivals, agencies and live music companies appear a much safer bet. And the last 12 months have seen an upswing in investment and acquisitions, as access to finance appears easier than ever before. But will the flood of finance tipping into the business filter down and raise the stakes for everyone in it? Or is this apparently easy money presenting opportunities for all? Either way, when venture capital calls, we should all take note…


Alex Hill, AEG Europe

David Glick, Edge Investments (UK)

Tamás Kádár, Sziget Festival (HU)

Matthias C. Just, Mayland AG (DE)