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The Insta-Generation: Live through a lens

The Insta-Generation: Live through a lens

Room 3

Wednesday 4 March, 15:30 - 16:30
Chair: Jackie Wilgar, Live Nation Entertainment (UK)

The rise in popularity of Instagram over the past few years, along with an ever-growing demand for that highly coveted “Insta-moment”, has heavily impacted how live events are experienced, promoted, designed and accessed. So how are different departments within the industry capitalising on the platform’s potential and catering to a generation fixated on the digital, portrait-shaped image? With an Insta-ideal vertical stage having launched last year, and show design increasingly influenced by the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones at events, is live now a slave to the camera lens? Discussing the merits and pitfalls of digital’s impact on live music, a lineup of marketing, promoting and production specialists discuss working for the Insta-Generation.



Tom Bilsen, Stageco Group (BE)

Jon Drape, Engine No. 4 (UK)

Rina Gill, RGM Productions (UK)


Rafael Giménez-Amaya, Sold Out (ES)

John Rhodes, HOK (UK)