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The Global Marketplace: Games without frontiers

The Global Marketplace: Games without frontiers

Room 2 

Wednesday 4 March,15:30 - 16:45

Chair: Michael Hosking, Midas Promotions (SG)


As entrepreneurs and corporations alike search for new business, savvy operators are diligently working to develop live music scenes outside of the crowded European, Australasian and North American landscapes. Pioneering professionals discuss the challenges, opportunities and cultural idiosyncrasies involved in establishing live entertainment operations in their emerging markets. Veterans working in China, Korea, Africa, South America and the Middle East will discuss such daily challenges as fluctuating exchange rates and domestic marketing strategies, while revealing their visions to create meaningful routing propositions for international artists.


Tommy Jinho Yoon, International Creative Agency (KR)

John Lickrish, Flash Entertainment (AE)

Isabelle Messer, Georg-Leitner Productions (KE)

Cindy Wilson, Live Talentos (BR)