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Urban Legends: Hip-hop on top

Urban Legends: Hip-hop on top

Wednesday 4 March, 14:00 - 15:00
Chair: Raye Cosbert, Metropolis Music (UK)

Bolstered by the unstoppable rise of music streaming, the past five years have seen urban music come into its own as a genuine touring juggernaut, while reshaping festival lineups across the world in its own image. Now, with US-led hip-hop increasingly regarded as the ‘new pop’ – and a range of regional scenes, including European rap, UK grime and Aussie drill, producing their own stars – what lessons are there to be learnt from that success? What growing pains has the genre experienced, and where does it go from here?


Max Lee, Earth Agency (UK)

ShaoDow, DiY Gang Entertainment (UK)

Caroline Simionescu-Marin, WME (UK)