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The ‘It’s a Knockout!’ Table Football Cup

The ‘It’s a Knockout!’ Table Football Cup

A late-night game of quick reactions and occasionally even skill, The ‘It’s a Knockout!’ Table Football Cup will see players compete in pairs for international glory and the world’s tiniest trophy.

The game is refereed by IQ’s Steve Woollett (our very own ‘Goal’ Edmunds) who’ll be making sure that every second counts.

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have watching leading players of the music industry play with small plastic things on metal skewers.

Sign-up in pairs on the night as 22 shooting stars kick it out on ILMC’s two tournament-certified tables. Be in The Contestants’ Lounge with your co-player by 22:00 to participate.

The Contestants’ Lounge, Mezzanine Level
00:00 - 03:00  | Wednesday 4 March 2020
Host: FanDragon Technologies