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Promoter & Agent Blind Date

Promoter & Agent Blind Date

Room 1
Thursday 5 March, 17:00 - 18:00

Chair: Gordon Masson, IQ Magazine / ILMC (UK)

Finding the perfect working relationship is like finding the perfect date. Someone who understands you, appreciates you, who’ll share those ups and downs. So taking inspiration from the classic British game show Blind Date (known abroad as The Dating Game), Summer Marshall and Promoter 101 podcast founder Dan Steinberg will look for their perfect match. Each contestant will ask a series of hypothetical questions to three would-be business partners who are hidden from sight. And with the best answers potentially winning a new working relationship, it's all up for grabs. Summer and Dan are announced in advance, but be in the room to find out the identity of our six special contestants!Contestants:

Main contestants:

Summer Marshall, Creative Artists Agency (UK)

Dan "Steiny" Steinberg, Emporium Presents (US)