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Venue Summit: Citizen venue

Venue Summit: Citizen venue

The Baglioni Hotel
Thursday 5 March, 14:15 - 15:30
Chair: Steve Sayer, The O2 (UK)


As hosts of touring productions, venues have a vital role in the global music ecosystem – but how can they also play a part in not only the world’s environmental system, but their local communities, too? Can venues use their considerable soft power to influence people’s behaviour for the good? The Citizen Venue session will explore how to be a more sustainable venue, not just in terms of waste and resource management, but also how to actively play a positive role in the local area. Taking best practice examples, we’ll explore issues such as outreach, charity work, community engagement, and diversity.



Coralie Berael, Forest National Arena (BE)

Sara Lamik, Tauron Arena Kraków (PL)

Marie Lindqvist, Stockholm Live (SE)

Stefan Lohmann, Talent Buyer & Booking Agent (DE)

Daniele Tortini, Arena Campovolo (IT)