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Touring Entertainment: Game for a show

Touring Entertainment: Game for a show

Room 2
Thursday 5 March, 17:00 - 18:00

Lucy Levitt, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)
Christoph Scholz, Semmel Concerts (DE)


Beyond big-name touring and headliner-driven festivals, the world of family shows and touring exhibitions is consistently exciting both fans and promoters. The latter, of course, drawn by longer runs, a lack of superstar problems, and more consistent business. And frequently incorporating cutting-edge production and technology, it’s a creative and vibrant sector. With recent editions of this ILMC panel being standing-room only, this year’s session takes place in a larger room to accommodate demand. Joined by an all-star cast and crew, Christoph Scholz and Lucy Levitt explore the key developments and brightest new spectacles across touring exhibitions, pop culture and family shows.


Arnold Bernard, Harlem Globetrotters (US)

Amy Farrant, Secret Cinema (UK)

Alex Homfray, Alex Homfray Cultural Destinations (UK)

Brian Hook, Hartshorn-Hook Enterprises (UK)

Nicolas Renna, Proactiv (ES)