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The Venue’s Venue: New builds, new brands

The Venue’s Venue: New builds, new brands

Room 2
Thursday 5 March,10:00 - 11:15
Chair: John Langford, European Arenas Association / AEG (UK)

With a slew of new buildings announced, and the corporate landscape continuing to change, the venue market is evolving faster than ever. The opening panel of the Venues Summit day takes a bird’s-eye view of the big venue market to discuss the recent wave of consolidation, and the expanding map of buildings. With the merger of AEG and SMG, and ongoing international expansion plans by US-based venue chains, what’s the impact on the rest of the live music business? Will artists be restricted by turf wars and multinational allegiances, or will the touring map continue to grow for the benefit of all? John Langford chairs this year’s popular Venue’s Venue session, just as competition and consolidation hits an all-time high.



Stuart Galbraith, Kilimanjaro Live (UK)

Jolanda Jansen, Rotterdam Ahoy (NL)

Brian Kabatznick, Oak View Group (UK)

Tom Lynch, ASM Global (UK)

Thomas Ovesen, Diriyah Gate Development Authority (AE)

Harry Samuel, LiveStyled (UK)