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Festival Forum: Booking & exclusivities

Festival Forum: Booking & exclusivities

Room 2
Thursday 5 March, 15.30 - 16:30
Alex Bruford, ATC Live (UK)

Fierce competition in the global festival marketplace is forcing bookers to make earlier and earlier enquiries about artists, while an increasing number of agents are now starting to plan tours for their clients two years in advance… Complicating the landscape, the controversy around exclusivity deals continues to mount, with territory clauses extending into the year, radius clauses prohibiting performances in neighbouring countries, and corporate chains tying artists to deals that prevent them playing at rival-owned events. The going is getting tougher… what’s the impact on artists, touring, the independents, and the big-name sites? ATC Live’s Alex Bruford invites a panel of festival professionals to debate.


Jim King, AEG Presents (UK)

Roberta Medina, Better World/Rock in Rio (PT/BR)

Codruța Vulcu, ARTmania (RO)

Anders Wahrén, Roskilde Festival (DK)