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2020 Vision: The ten-year view

2020 Vision: The ten-year view

Room 1

Thursday 5 March, 15:30 - 16:30

Host: Chris Carey, TicketSwap (NL)

While the live experience won’t fundamentally change over the next ten years, the world around it will. So taking the start of the new decade as an opportunity to gaze into our crystal balls, we invite a fearless lineup of future-focussed individuals to risk their reputations as they predict what happens next, and how we can capitalise on it. What will the audience of 2030 look like and how will they behave? How will we communicate, market, find and potentially even track, the next generation of fans? We already have holotours and live shows in computer games, so what’s next? How will concerns around the climate, wellbeing, diversity and privacy take effect? And as our lives become increasingly digitised, what is live music’s distinctly analogue place within it?


Jeff Goodman, Greencopper/Patron Technology (US)

Catherine Lückhoff, 20fifty (ZA)

Ralph Simon, Mobilium Global Limited (UK)

Jane Third, DreamTeam (UK)

Jason Zink, Emporium Presents (US)