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Brand Partnerships: Owning the label

Brand Partnerships: Owning the label

Room 3
Thursday 5 March, 14:00 - 15:00
Chair: Jeremy Paterson, IF Media Consultancy (UK)

“Is A$AP Rocky a music icon or a fashion icon?” As a growing number of artists develop brands outside of music – from tech to perfume, fashion and beyond – how are these extra-curricular activities co-existing with music? And how are more traditional brand partnerships impacted by these artist-controlled businesses? The connection between brands and artists stretches back decades, so who’s striking and managing these relationships, and is there a danger of touring taking a back seat to more lucrative sources of income? Bringing together representatives from agency, brands and artist management, we consider the evolution of the relationship between artists and brands, and the opportunities for all stakeholders in live music.


Francesca Blackburn, WME (UK)

Gary Cohen, ATC Live (UK)

Will Dowdy, AEG UK

Debbie Ward, Paradigm Talent Agency (UK)

Bob Workman, Warner Music (UK)