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Roberta Medina, Better World/Rock in Rio (PT/BR)

Roberta Medina, Better World/Rock in Rio (PT/BR)

Since 2003, Roberta Medina has been partner and executive VP at Rock in Rio festival, which was created by her father, Roberto Medina, in 1985.

When she was a child, during the first Rock in Rio, Roberta watched the shows from the backstage. Now, 35 years later, she is the final decision-maker of the event in Brazil and Portugal (and also led the team during the Spanish and US editions).

Roberta is also responsible for introducing pioneer processes when it comes to sustainability. She launched “For a Better World,” Rock in Rio’s social project, and thanks to that thousands of people around the world have received benefits funded by proceeds from festival ticket sales and by awareness campaigns promoted by Rock in Rio partners, totaling more than $23million. Projects have included the Zero Carbon Project and raising funds for music instruction programmes in poor communities in Brazil. In 2016, Rock in Rio launched its first worldwide social project – Amazonia Live. It aimed to raise trees in order to reforest the Amazon rainforest –  ‘the Earth’s lungs’ as it is called.

Most recently, Roberta was the mind behind DeclareAction, a unique movement that gathered, for the first time, promoters of shows, festivals and events in Portugal in a project that will mobilise young people from all over the country to define actions that make the world a better place.

Communicative, versatile and dynamic, Roberta was named one of Epoca Magazine’s “100 Most Influential Brazilians” for two consecutive years. Currently, she is preparing the 9th edition of Rock in Rio, in Lisbon, splitting her time between Brazil and Portugal, where she was also a hit judge on the Portuguese American Idol television show, Ídolos.