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Workshop: Assertiveness & Effectiveness at Work

Workshop: Assertiveness & Effectiveness at Work

Host: Prince Laryea, Shift Coaching (UK)

Prince Laryea from Shift Coaching explained that he works with people in the creative industries to help them embrace their full potential, both at executive level and for artists and management. He stated the importance of reminding yourself of who you are and what your purpose is when faced with a challenge. Laryea presented the definition of assertiveness as the art of communicating your wants and needs clearly and confidently, in a way that is neither aggressive nor passive.


Aggressiveness is about seeking something for your own interest without thinking of the rights or feelings of others, he told the room, whereas assertiveness is about being forthright about your wants, while thinking of the rights of others. “Assertiveness helps make great managers,” said Laryea. It makes better problem solvers and helps people to feel less anxious and stressed.


“It’s really important that you have a deep sense of you and your value,” he said, to understand what power and role you have in the organisation. Using assertive communication techniques is also important, such as thinking about how you use ‘I’ statements, expressing empathy and avoiding the tendency to sugarcoat things in a challenging conversation.