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Meet the New Bosses: Class of 2020

Meet the New Bosses: Class of 2020

Chair: Jo Young, Ticketmaster (UK)

Panellists: Charly Beedell-Tuck, Solo Agency (UK) | Melanie Eselevsky, Move Concerts (AR) | Karolina Hansen, DTD Concerts (DK) | Matt Pickering-Copley, Primary Talent (UK) | Marc Saunders, The O2 (UK)

The panel saw a quintet of IQ New Bosses, including Tomorrow’s New Boss 2020 winner Charly Beedell-Tuck (Solo Agency), discuss their respective routes to the top, as well as some of the most pressing issues facing under-30s in live music today, including wellness, sustainability, the importance of finding time for oneself, and loving what you do.

“You have to love it,” said Primary Talent’s Matt Pickering-Copley, “otherwise it can become unsustainable very quickly.

“A lot of people who don’t work in the [music] industry don’t understand why I’d fly to Sweden for one night to see a band, or go to all these events – Eurosonic, IFF, ILMC, etc. – but it’s so important to see people and be seen to be there. […] What’s the saying about working a job that you love? If you don’t actually really want to do this, that’s when it becomes unsustainable.”

“The people you work with end up being your friends,” added Karolina Hansen of Live Nation Sweden, “so if you get a stressed-out email, you know where it’s coming from. If you treat everyone like you want to be treated, when you find yourself in that situation – you’re the one sending the stressed-out email – you understand.”

Supporting each other is really important, said Beedell-Tuck, who described being nominated for Tomorrow’s New Boss as “so important to me because so many of the nominees were my friends. It’s a small industry, so you end up seeing the same people all the time.”

Her advice: “Be mindful, and help each other. Some of my best friends are at other agencies, but we don’t see the need to be ultra-competitive. Be supportive; we ultimately all have the same interests.”