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ILMC 32: The Report

3-6 March 2020: When the industry’s players came to town…

Well, that was an ILMC to remember. With the global impact of the Coronavirus starting to bite just as the doors of the conference swung open, 2020 was a year that the industry truly came together, united by a common cause. 

With some members needing to stay home to deal with the growing impact of the virus, ILMC was down 15% of its registered delegates, so we welcomed just over 1,000 professionals over the three days. With so many uniting at such a difficult moment, there was a specific sense of camaraderie at ILMC 32, which was felt throughout the conference.

The following pages feature reviews of all the panels that took place, including the ILMC Production Meeting, the Green Events & Innovations Conference and the second edition of Futures Forum. Read feedback from the delegates, find out who went home with a coveted Arthur Award under their arm, or for a clear picture of who was there, check out the gallery of 1,000+ photos. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2021, and during the weeks ahead, the entire ILMC team will be continuing to support this resilient, vibrant and vital business, as best we can. 

See you next year.  

Greg Parmley 

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In Review


ILMC 2020 Tackles the Nitty Gritty 

Greenest Festivals Honoured at ILMC 


ILMC Spoke About Venues, Festivals & Ticketing (in German)

ILMC Tackles the Topic of Corona Virus (in German)

ILMC 32 Report (in German)

Mumfords & Sons on touring: Six things we learned from their Futures Forum keynote 


Don Elford – ASM Global 

I thought ILMC 32 was one of the best ever. The conference was well thought out and the Futures Forum was a master stroke. 

Dan Steinberg – Emporium Presents

I love the conference, enjoyed it, as always. I have no complaints, only praise for the event and the staff behind it all! Thank you for all you do.

Ed Bicknell – Damage Management

It’s a huge shame Ed Bicknell is giving up the Breakfast Meeting slot. Can’t you persuade him to carry on? Pay him the cab fare?

Joakim Lundberg – Goransson Arena

My first time at ILMC and I can just say WOW! Great meetings, very interesting panels and workshops, and many new friends and business partners.

Miguel Lyons    Proactiv

It was great. Thank you again for the good work.

David Hamilton – DAM Good Media 

I was very impressed with the conference, and certainly the networking opportunities that come from it are amazing.

Steven Kroon – Pieter Smit

Thank you for organizing this wonderful event again this year.

Ken Jamieson – Live Nation 

I found it very useful and will certainly attend next year. Many really good activities and content.

John Zaccaria – Zaccaria Concerts

It was my first ILMC and I travelled from Western Australia for it. I will now make it a regular event on my calendar.


Delegates by Sector

Delegates by Region


The Arthur Awards 2020


First Venue To Come Into Your Head

Roundhouse, London

The Promoters' Promoter

Kelly Chappel, Live Nation Entertainment

Liggers' Favourite Festival

Eurockeennes, France

Second Least Offensive Agent

Summer Marshall, CAA

Services Above and Beyond



All Points East, London (UK)

Most Professional Professional

Tina Richard, T&S Immigration

The People's Assistant

San Phillips, Kilimanjaro Live

The Golden Ticket


Tomorrow's New Boss

Charly Beedell-Tuck, Solo

The Bottle Award

Emma Banks, CAA



The 'It's A Knockout' Table Football Cup

Okan Tombulca, eps & Michal Kascak, Pohoda Festival


Bar tab: Finn Walsh, LiveStyled
Fondue set: Mark Bennett, MBA
Big teddy bear: Marcus Fitzgerald, Gigmit

The 'Call My Bluff' TEXAS HOLD'EM Poker TOURNEY

1st: David Lazar, Trafalgar Entertainment
2nd: Patryk Kazmierski, Knock Out Productions
3rd: Gordon Masson, IQ Magazine/ILMC
4th: Markus Wiking, Live Nation Sweden


UK - 5
Rest of the World - 4