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Don’t Stop Me Now!: The Consequences of Show Cancellations

Don’t Stop Me Now!: The Consequences of Show Cancellations

Chair: Okan Tombulca, eps holding gmbh (DE)    

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna talk about the weather again. This panel will focus on the many reasons for show cancellation (one of which might be weather, admittedly) – either indoor or outdoor – and the repercussions of doing so.

In recent years, a considerable number of events and tours have been cancelled (eg Boardmasters 2019) or interrupted at short notice. We will be asking: Why does it happen? Can we avoid it? How can we make sure all stakeholders – promoters, artists, crew, and suppliers – survive a cancellation financially? 

Most of us (should) have read the risk assessments and contingency plans, so how do we provide a safe working environment for crew in the event of a suddenly pulled show? How can we ensure everyone involved sticks to the plan when it’s a case of ‘all hands on deck’ and time is of the essence? How can we make sure everyone gets paid for costs incurred in the case of an event cancellation? 

We’ll also look at insurance and what events we should be covered for, and how we can avoid having to lean on insurance. XL productions are being encouraged by insurance companies to be prepared and demonstrate resilience – so how does this work for small/medium parties or freelancers? 

Finally, our panel of industry experts will examine some “successful” cancellations, and discuss what we can learn from them.

Martin Goebbels, Miller Insurance Services (UK)
Benjamin Hetzer, FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH (DE)
Graham MacVoy, GMC Events (UK)
Tim Worton, ASM Global (AU)