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Small Venues: Does size really matter?

Small Venues: Does size really matter?

14:30 - 15:45
Chair: Chris Jones, Selby Town Hall / Small Venues Network (UK) 

A couple of years ago, during an IPM panel in which venues were being discussed, a delegate commented on how surprised she was after hearing about the challenges that arena/stadia-sized venues experience on a day-to-day basis because these exact same issues were what she encountered in the daily running of her 250-capacity venue.

In this panel we will discuss what can be achieved by improving production standards at grass-roots venues, because, just as with the artists that play the venues, most production professionals begin their career trajectory at small events in small spaces.

We will look at the production challenges faced by venues with capacities from 25 to 5,000, and ask what we, as an industry, can do to protect and improve these venues.

Serge Grimaux, Fórum Karlín (CZ)
Luke Hinton, Juicebox Live / The Horn (UK)
Máté Horváth, DDW Music (HU)
Alice James, Eventim Apollo (UK)