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Stephan Thanscheidt, FKP Scorpio (DE)

Stephan Thanscheidt, FKP Scorpio (DE)

Stephan was born in 1977, and is the CEO and head of festival booking at FKP Scorpio.

He is responsible for the programming of over 15 major open-air festivals across Europe from the company’s headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. 

FKP Scorpio Konzertproduktionen GmbH was founded by Folkert Koopmans in 1990. Today, FKP Scorpio is not only one of the largest German organisers of tours and local concerts, but also the largest festival organiser in Europe, with offices in seven countries and more than 200 employees. 

The FKP Scorpio festival repertoire includes Hurricane, Southside, Highfield, M’era Luna, Rolling Stone Beach, Rolling Stone Park, Metal Hammer Paradise, A Summer's Tale, Plage Noire and Deichbrand. 

On the international side, FKP Scorpio hosts Provinssi (FI), Sideways (FI), Greenfield (CH), Gården (SWE), Indian Summer (NL), Best Kept Secret (NL), Tuckerville (NL) among others. 

FKP Scorpio´s artist roster includes musical giants such as The Rolling Stones, Blink-182, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Justin Bieber, James Blunt, Pixies and many more. 

In addition to tours, festivals, shows and concerts, FKP Scorpio is also the owner of the gourmet, variéte theatre PALAZZO, which opens its doors in the winter season in various European cities. 

Be it music or entertainment, FKP Scorpio is constantly seeking new forms of creative and innovative entertainment.